Small Scale Drinking Pure Water Treatment Machinery

Small Scale Drinking Pure Water Treatment Machinery
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Product Details

Small Scale Drinking Pure Water Treatment Machinery

Product Introduction

The production line can effectively remove suspended solids, organic matter, heavy metal ions, oxides, colloids, etc., effectively soften the water, so that the output of water can meet the drinking water standards.

Raw water tank→Raw water pump→Quartz sand filter→Active carbon filter→Precision filter→Reverse osmosis device→Ozone sterilizer→UV sterilizer→Pure water tank

Detailed parts

1.Sand filter -- to remove the particulate solids from waste water

Capacity  2T/H

Material  SS304 stainless steel

Filtrate medium High quality sand

2.Active carbon filter -- to remove the chlorine and the smell of water

Capacity  2T/H

Material SS304 stainless steel including valve

Filtrate medium Active carbon

3.Precision filter -- to clear the granules bigger than 5 μm and also protect the reverse osmosis device membrane

Capacity 2T/H

Material SS304 stainless steel

Filtrate medium  Polypropylene membrane (PP MEMBRANE)


4.RO water system -- used to desalt and sterilize the water, used for pure water

Capacity : 1T/H

RO main machine to make the pure water


RO membranes 1pc

Desalinization ratio: 98-99%

Rate of recovery50-75%

304 Stainless steel tank, pipeline, valve and connector


5. Ozone Sterilizer -- special for waste water disinfection


Ozonizer thickness8-12mg/l

Operating temperature≤35

Power380V/50Hz, 1.5KVA, 10-12KWH/KgO3


6.SUS Tank -- used to store filtered water

thickness 0.8mm


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