Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System can effectively remove mud, organic matter, iron, manganese and oxides. Removal of suspended solids, colloids, micro-organisms and heavy metal ions. The system also reduces the water hardness, so that all water quality standards in full compliance with national drinking water standards. 

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Main functions  

+Sand filter: 
When the water passes through the machine, it will stop the suspension of matter through high quality quartz sand. And also protects the following machines and also clean water. The machine can be manually operated valve device to achieve anti-washing, but also extend the life of the machine. 

+Carbon filter: 
This activated carbon filter is simple and reliable, easy to maintain. Applicable to enterprises, hotels, military, railway stations, terminals and other places of strict water quality. In short, it is a very good water supply equipment for industry and life. 

+Sodium ion exchanger: 
Sodium ion exchange We also call the softer, softer theory is Ca ++ Mg + + resin NA + and ion exchange, the water softening and soft water. The sodium ion exchanger comprises a cooling device and a pump. 

+Precision filter 
The machine is made of stainless steel and, as a small container containing a precision filtration membrane, allows only untreated water to pass through the membrane and does not allow any other liquid to pass through the other components. It can also be used in the petroleum industry, pharmaceutical industry, wine industry, beverage industry. 

+Reverse osmosis filter 
A key part of this filter is a reverse osmosis membrane, which is manufactured in the United States. It has very good properties to remove salts from raw water. This machine is easy to operate, reliable structure. Source water, TDS is less than 400mg / L, the purified water can reach the national standard. It is the world's best water treatment equipment. 

+Ozone generator 
The four connections are installed on the ozone generator: Air inlet: / Ozone outlet / Chilled water inlet / Cooling water outlet

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