Industrial Shrink Wrap Machine

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Product Details


The machine used in the bottom of the packaging film, widely used in beverage, beer, chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries

The whole machine pneumatic expansion support film roll, quick and quick change film, only about two minutes for the film.

Thin film tension output, even and smooth, precise control of film cutting, neat incision.

Advanced servo control technology can maintain the precise synchronization of various agencies, reliable transmission.

The heating box has the advantages of reasonable structure, heat insulation and high temperature control precision.

Supporting Germany SIEMENS, Germany P+F, Japan SMC, Italy motorcycle Ferdinand etc. the most advanced in the world.

System components, well-equipped, stable working conditions.

Mechanical transmission parts are made of stainless steel or carbon steel after heat treatment,

Strong anti-rust performance.

Technical Parameters:

Equipment Dimension

13500 × 1215 × 2150H mm

Maximum size of packaging

L420 * W280 * H350

Shrink film material


Shrink film thickness

80 ~ 90um

Maximum capacity per minute

35-40 packages (continuous stepless speed regulation)

Total power supply load

Heating box 48kw / 220v (temperature 48kw, working insulation section 24kw)
     Mechanical part power : 10kw

Compressed air pressure

0.4~0.7Mpa; maximum air consumption; 0.25NM3/min

Maximum height of conveyer belt

600mm, height 1120~1185 (mm) (adjustable)