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Zhangjiagang Reliable Customizable QHS Series Beverage Mixing System

Jul 14, 2017

Zhangjiagang Reliable Customizable QHS Series Beverage Mixing System

Beverage Mixer Four parts:

1. De-air Device

2. Mixing Device

3. CO2 Mixing Device

4. Carbonator


Beverage Mixer Introduction

The series of Beverage Mixer is to improve the industry of water , syrup , additive and CO2 into finished beverage before bottling. This machine has features of most advanced process technology to reduce the water layer , increase the carbonizing period of time to ensure the mixing effect .

The use of carbon dioxide oxygen to save the gas lost , achieve the purpose of deoxidation . High quality pumps and electrical system with automatic control system can work together . Except  the prefect appearance ,it has food sanitation .

For the production of beverage mixer is mainly applicable for mixing water – syrup – CO2 proportionally in beverage industry. It is most advanced Beverage Mixer in this field at present.

Beverage Mixer Feature

1 Gas-liquid mass transfer area is large, the resistance loss is small, high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple structure and the use of reliable performance, low noise multi-stage centrifugal pump, so that the whole performance is guaranteed.

2 Proportion of mixture is accurate, easy to adjust, the machine does not need to replace the other parts, you can easily adjust the proportion of syrup and water. It uses carbon dioxide oxygen , so that deoxidized water has a better pre-carbonation effect.

3, The machine can easily adjust the gas volume, according to the requirements of the beverage gas volume , through the appropriate operation to be adjusted.

4, the machine set a perfect automatic control system, with action coordination, simple structure, continuous production, in high degree of automation.

5 The machine has own cleaning process which can be easily carried out chemical sterilizer, and water rinsing, in line with the requirements of food sanitation technology.