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RO Water Treatment Plant For Reliable Machinery

Jul 19, 2017

RO Water Treatment Plant For Reliable Machinery

RO Water Treatment Plant

Using reverse osmosis technology for desalination, reverse osmosis membrane was only 0.001 micron pore size, can be harmful to remove dissolved solids and bacteria, viruses, etc.,

Desalination rate of more than 99.6 percent.

In line with national standards to produce pure water, the host section contains the security filter, high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane, security filters for the fourth grade and above pre-treatment systems, high-pressure pump is the host of one of the core equipment for the reverse osmosis membrane elements to provide sufficient pressure to overcome the penetration resistance to pressure and run to meet the needs of a device to achieve the rated water.

Process Description:

  It adopts the current advanced RO reverse osmosis preparation of pure water technology, Water conductivity is generally less than 10us / cm better than the national standard GB17323-1998. Production of water quality is sterile, no particles, pure pure.

  The system of the hyperfitrating film is imported frrom MR TAO CHEMICAL CO. In Amerrica CPA3-8040, the desalination rate of up to 98%, the recovery rate of up to 60-70%, and the formation of a unique technical style. The whole system is verified by many pure water producers. The removal rate of organic micro-pollutants is 99.99%, 95%, 99% and 95% respectively, and the water quality is sweet and delicious. Pesticide, phenols, and lead, mercury, beryllium, chromium, cadmium, uranium, uranium, uranium, uranium, uranium, uranium , Thallium and other radionuclides are below the detection limit.

Original water tank→  Raw water pump→Sand filter→Active carbon filter→ Precision filter→RO host→UV sterilization system→Pure water tank→Terminal water pump

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