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Reliable Machinery Carbonated Drinking Bottle Filling Machine For Production Line Plant

Reliable Machinery Carbonated Drinking Bottle Filling Machine For Production Line Plant


Process Flow Chart for Fruit juice &Tea drink production line

Pump – tank – multi medium filter – active carbon filter – Millipore filter – precision filter – tank – Reverse Osmosis – UV sterilizer – tank – pump – syrup boiler – pump – double filter – mixing tank – mixing tank – pump – Homogenizer – cold hot tank – Deaerator – cold hot tank – plate type filter – micro negative pressure system – high position tank – CIP system

Bottle unscramble – washing/filling/capping 3-in-1 machine → CIP system – Bottle overturn sterilizer – Spray shower cooling machine – Buffer platform – Light checker – Air dryer –Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine – Code printer – Automatic shrink wrapping machine



The washing/filling/capping 3-in-1 machine introduction for fruit juice drink production line

CGFR series machine with fully automatic combines three parts is washing、filling and capping. All of them to import Italian materials.

It is suitable for the beverage filling machine which has advantage following it: cover the parts , for example , filling valve, which directly connect with every devices are made of stainless steel , fine polish and no death corner. In the process, the air can fed back separately. Without air contacting, the beverage can be kept away from pollution .Therefore,  it conforms the customer’s requirement of good sanitation for food. It also use programmable controller to complete the full automatic operation for bottles. Another aspect of the machine cover the area small , because of the compact structure , is easily operated. Especially the neck of suspending bottle clamping design makes the bottle stable during the high speed running. All kinds of units can be suitable for different size and shape bottle.


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