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RELIABLE Attened Propak West Africa 2017 In Nigeria

2017年9月19-21日我公司圆满举办了第五届尼日利亚国际包装展Propak West Africa 2017,通过此次展会我公司向广大客户展示了水处理、吹瓶系统等一些列生产设备,通过现场交流,收集潜在客户信息,进一步了解饮机市场最新行情,此次展会取得圆满成功并受到广泛好评。


19th-21th of SEP,2017.Our company was held the fifth Propak West Africa 2017 in Nigeria.Through this exhibition,our company showed the manufacturing equipment like water treatment,bottle blowing machine and some series machines,We collected the potential customer information,knew the latest beverage market quotation further.This exhibition was successfully and acclaimed wildly.