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Forecast And Analysis Of Beverage Market Prospects In 2017

Jun 21, 2017

Forecast and Analysis of Beverage Market Prospects in 2017

Which drinks will be popular in 2017 ? According to industry analysis , future ,taste is the core attribute of soft drinks products, consumer upgrades bring new trends in the industry.

The past two years, the market economy continued to sluggish, most person be eliminated . The beverage industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world, with new products coming out every day.

Botanical water

Coconut water is a successful type of drink in past 10 years , but now new players pushing town-plant water . The birch water is an example , this water usually collection in the northern part of the earth ,with a collection period only two to four weeks. Coconut juice, birch juice has a positive impact on human health, rich in antioxidants, natural minerals, xylitol , natural sugar.

Amino acid sports drink

The fitness drink industry has always been a niche market, but now it is becoming mainstream. As the demand for sports drinks is growing, the growth rate of various products is faster than ever before.