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Easily And Stable Reliable Operation PE Film Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine

Jul 14, 2017

Easily and Stable Reliable Operation PE Film Bottle shrink wrapping machine

Common bottle shrink wrapping machine has synchronous servo control system of electronic gear, electronic CAM already replace the tedious mechanical CAM mechanism, can be more easy to implement in accordance with the requirements of the designers of the movement object synchronization between the relationship. Several sports organizations of the film packing machine uses servo motor as the driving shaft to complete the task from entering the bottle and send the cardboard to the cutting film. The main drive of a servo motor can be used as the synchronization object of several other axes, and all the Angle phase relationships are determined according to the main drive motor.

The process flow of bottle shrink wrapping machine is as follows:

1. Set the heating time for the machine first

2. After pressing the manual or automatic button, the electric output of the pinion cylinder solenoid valve drives the gear, the gear drives the chain, and the position of the rack cylinder is close to the switch. When the cylinder of the rack is running to the upper stop, the front position of the rack cylinder is close to the switch and the electric output of the cylinder electromagnetic valve.

3. When the oven cylinder runs to the upper stop, the timer start starts to delay, and the rack cylinder solenoid valve is out of power.

4. At the end of time, the cylinder solenoid valve is off.

5. The film packing machine shall be marked in accordance with the working mode and decide whether to proceed with the next workflow.

To meet the packing requirements of the loading and unloading of goods. Widely used and the export of foreign trade, food and beverage, irrigation, papermaking, dyes, plastic chemical industry, glass ceramic, machine S electric casting products such as container costs, improve production efficiency, and can prevent damage of the goods in the handling process, and dust, moisture and cleaning effect.