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Blow Molding Machine In Zhangjiagang Reliale Machinery CO.,LTD

Jul 14, 2017

Blow Molding Machine In Zhangjiagang Reliale Machinery CO.,LTD

Blow molding machine is divided into preheating and blowing molding two processes.

The one part is Preheat:

The preform (embryo) is softened by heating the billet (embryo) part of the preform (embryo), and the preform (embryo) does not need to be heated in order to maintain the shape of the vial of the cooling device to its cooling operation.

The other part is Blow molding:

This stage is to have been preheated preform (embryo) placed in the blow has been done, the high pressure inside the inflated, the preform (embryo) blown into the required bottle. Blow molding machine is generally divided into two kinds of automatic and semi-automatic.

The fully automatic blow molding machine combines the two operations of the blower by the operation of the manipulator, eliminating the need for the middle man to preheat the preform (embryo) into the blow molding process. Greatly speeding up the production rate, of course, the price is also higher than the semi-automatic.

The automatic blow molding machine comprises a frame, a preform conveying device, a feeding device, a heating device, a mold clamping mechanism, a pulling mechanism and a cutting device, wherein the preform conveying device has a circular transmission track, and in the whole transmission track The veneer body is slidable in a disc-like shape, and each veneer body slider is a single, separate between the body sliders and between the transmission tracks, which allows the preform to be heated evenly and the preform Smooth transmission with the whole body small size, small inertia, cutting material positioning accuracy.