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Beverage Machinery Maintenance And Care

Dec 12, 2017

The service live of beverage equipment, depending on the usual use and after use, how to properly care and maintain, and beverage machinery is the production process of the most commonly used packaging machinery, and the high price, if the failure will bring the business losses, so the daily maintenance of beverage machinery is particularly important.


Some fragile packaging requires beverage machinery in an absolute vacuum environment for packaging, or product damage is immeasurable. So the maintenance of beverage machinery is very important, if have no good way to maintenance the machine can not continue to use, it will greatly affect the production of enterprises. It should check the whole machinewhen  the machine just bought back, especially in the run-in period ,easy to have mistakes in the part of fastening and lubrication, so timely inspection and maintenance.



In the purchase should also choose the right manufacturers, can not pursue low prices and ignore the quality of equipment.Zhangjiagang Reliable Machinery has many years of technical experience, focus on beverage packaging machine, high efficiency, low maintenance, high-quality after-sales, The best choice of beverage machinery.


Maintenance methods / steps

A.        The parts of the beverage machine are tightened; the size of the machine is adjusted according to the size of the package; the joint of the parts is lubricated periodically.

B.        During the season change, companies should re-clean the machine thoroughly, and the preservation of ancillary facilities should be absolutely sealed, but also to make the machine in a dry environment, to ensure that beverage machinery is not corrosive liquids.


C.        Before operating the beverage machine must read the manual, familiar with the adjustment and use, be sure to follow the instructions. According to the provisions of the beverage machinery manual, the vacuum pump on a regular basis, refueling (pay attention to maintain the oil level), And strict attention not allowed to reverse, so as to avoid misuse of the pump and the pump reversing, oil spray down to pump vacuum system.

D.        Often check the hot press rack sealing varnish (PTFE) on the presence of foreign body, is smooth, in order to ensure the sealing strength. Always check whether the machine is in good contact with the ground to ensure the safe use of electricity. Found that beverage machinery failure, it should promptly turn off the power, if necessary, to take emergency button to lift the cover to be deflated, and then turn off the voltage, check the reasons for troubleshooting.