Table Top Bottle Labeling Machine

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Brief Introdution:

  • We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a premium range of Table Top Bottle Labeling Machine. We try our best to serve your satisfaction and will improve from time to time. If there are any problems with the purchase, please feel free to contact us, we will help to fix the problem.

  • Low motor load, panel, dial plate conveyor belt are made of stainless steel. Table Top Bottle Labeling Machine features anti-rust, durable, clean, easy to maintain. All-mechanical transmission, transmission parts were all closed immersion tank drive sleek lightweight, less failure, low noise. Small covering space, can be arbitrarily moved, resized workplace space.

Machines Features:

1. Labeling height and angle are adjustable.

2. Bottle spacer separates containers into fixed space.

3. Conveyor belt and labeling speed are adjustable.

4. Top Hold-Down Conveyor supports containers stand vertically.

5. Controlled by PLC used friendly system with touchscreen.

6. Labeling counter, easy to manage.

7. Specifically selected sponges flap labels after labeling to make labels attached perfectly.

8. Advanced detection system makes precise labeling.

9. Labeling speed is synchronized with conveyor belt.

10. Press single button to detect label without complicated adjustment.

Machines Image:

High Speed Customized Glass Bottle Wine Wet Cold Glue Labeling Machine Manufacturers.jpg





Labeling Precision

±1 mm

Label length

50-300 mm

Label width

40-110 mm

Suitable bottle size  

20-100Φ 50-150Φ

Power supply

220V  50HZ

Power consumption

1.75 kw

Overall size

2500*950*1200 mm

Net Weight