Small Plate Heat Exchanger


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Why Choose Us:

  1. Manufacturer and Distributer, we can supply different brand and series plate and   gasket, such as Alfa-Lava, APV, GEA,APV, Tranter, Sondex,Vicarb...etc.  
    2.Over 18 years experience on the energy field, we also can provided technical service such as technical consultation, equipment update, capacity expansion scheme, maintenance and cleaning of the equipment.
    3.ISO9001:2008 international quality standard certification.  
    4. Our technical team can offer plate heat exchanger solutions case by case. We have more than 18years experience on the heat exchanger of different applications.
    5. A wide range of alternative 100% compatible spares,Attractive price with top quality.  
    6. Plate heat exchanger whole brand Knowledge , Alfa Laval, GEA, APV, Sondex, Tranter, Vicarb etc.
    7. Inside support and after sales and service staff dedicated to our customers, we have cooperated and employed service staff in oversea market, such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia. We also can do maintenance on site.  
    8. Service center fully equipped for plate heat exchanger maintenance in China.  
    9. Strict quality control systems, 100% inspection for each shipment goods, Batch number on each shipment, can offer a fast recourse.  
    10. 12 to 24 months warranty on our products range.  
    11. Readiness, fast delivery and stock, we keep some regular models spares in stock. Can arrange drop ship at American, Europe market.  
    12. Fast and satisfied solutions if any problems happen.  
    13. Based on the big data combined by our E-commerce platform, we can offer the widely knowledge and datas according to your requirements.



Technical Data  : 

PHE plate:


Fluid Media

Stainless Steel(AISI304,AISI316L,etc...)

Water,River Water,Edible Oil,Mineral Oil


Seawater,Brine and Chloride


Sulfuric acid,Sparse salified aqueous solution,an aquesous solution of an inorganic


High temperature and high concentration caustic soda


Concentrated sulfuric acid,Hydrochloric acid,Phosphoric acid

PHE Gasket :

Gasket Material

Operating  Temperature

Suitable Fluid Media


-20°C - +110°C

Water,sea water,mineral oil,Salt,Brine


-50°C - +150°C

Hot water steam,Acid,Alkali


-15°C - +160°C

High temperature,mineral oil,water


-35°C - +180°C

High temperature,high resistance,strong oxidants,oil,acid,alkali...