Spray Cooling Tunnel Liquor Beer Drinking Bottle Cooler and Warmer Machine Design

Spray Cooling Tunnel Liquor Beer Drinking Bottle Cooler and Warmer Machine Design
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Spray Cooling Tunnel Liquor Beer Drinking Bottle Cooler And Warmer Machine Design

1. Product Introduction of the Spray Cooling Tunnel 

Especially liquor drink, because it adopts low-temperature (2ºC-5ºC) filling, but ambient temperature of workshop is much higher, so it is very easy to condensed dew on bottle surface which will bring trouble to the downstream as labeling. Especially, if using packing, the dew will make carton wet to cause serious damage. Therefore, after the filling machine, It is necessary to use a bottle warmer to heat the bottle to the ambient temperature. The warmer is tunnel type showering equipment which heats the bottle through spraying hot water for heat exchange. It usually has 3 temperature zones( more zones are possible). After heated by section, the bottle's temperature could achieve ambient temperature, usually design for 30-35 ºC. Bottle warmer is mainly composed of machine base, conveying chain, transmission system, water storage flume, recycle pump, showering device, heating device and pipes. Exchanger could adopt steam plate type exchanger and electrical type exchanger.

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2. Product Parameter of the Small Spray Cooling Tunnel 

1.capacity: 6000-9000bph 

2.Conveying Speed: 100~550

3.Steam Consumption: 120kg/h

4. Cooling Time: 12-15min

3. Product Feature And Application of the Spray Cooling Tunnel 

...Top grade of conveying chain is used on the machine, more stable and reliable when it is working, don't break bottles.

...Speed of conveying system is infinitely variable.

...New type advanced technology from Germany, Italy, and Taiwan.

...Three parts of working process: circulating hot-water spray-cooling, warm-water pre-cooling and cold-water cooling.

...High temperature-resistant polypropylene (CPP) chain.

...All SUS304 stainless steel and it is reliable in running and has beautiful appearance.

...The cooling-heating temperature can be regulated according to the requirements of the user

4. Production Details of the Spray Cooling Tunnel 

Model                                  RM-WP6000     

Production Capacity (b/h)    6000-9000    

Temperature                         37-45           

Cooling Time                        12~15mins    

Conveying Speed                 100~550      

width of Chain                       1.22m          

Steam Pressure                     <4               

Water Consumption (m³/h)     9                 

Steam Consumption (kg/h)    120              

Motor Power (kw)                   7.55           

Dimension(mm)                      15800*1500*1700    

5.  Deliver, Shipping And Service of the Spray Cooling Tunnel 


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6. FAQ

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