Mango Juice Filling Machine

Small Capacity Mango Juice Filling Packaging Machine for PET Bottle Quick Details: Capacity: 10000-12000BPH Suitable Bottle:0.2-2L Plastic Bottle Cap Type: Screw Cap Material: Stainless Steel 304 Control: PLC / Touch Screen Operation: Easy & Stable Delivery & Packing Terms: Delivery...

Product Details

Small Capacity Mango Juice Filling Machine for PET Bottle

1.Quick Details 

 Capacity: 10000-12000BPH
 Suitable Bottle:0.2-2L Plastic Bottle
 Cap Type: Screw Cap
 Material: Stainless Steel 304
 Control: PLC / Touch Screen
 Operation: Easy & Stable

2.Delivery & Packing Terms

Delivery Time: 30 days after get down payment & bottle/cap samples for mango juice filling machine 
Package:The special packaging box is according to the immunity standard in China,it suits for long-distance transport, damp proof, rustproof, land way and seaway

3.Product Descriptions o

The filling machine is mainly used in the fruit juice( Mango / Orange / Apple )juice filling 

The three functions of bottle washing, filling and capping are composed in one body of the mango juice filling machine.

The whole process of mango juice filling machine is automatic.

The machine is used in filling fruit juices, mineral water and purified water in bottles made of polyester and plastics bottles.

The machine can also be used in hot juice filling if being installed with temperature controlling device.

The handle of the mango juice filling machine can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the machine to fill various types of bottles.

The filling operation of mango juice package machine is faster and more stable because the micro pressure filling operation of the new type is adopted.

There the output and benefit of the mango juice filling machine is higher than the machines of the same specifications.

4.Machines Photos of Mango Juice Filling Machine 

3 In 1 Mononlock


Rinser Part of Mango Juice Filling Machine 

-Rotative rinsing turret one treatment, fixed nozzles, with grippers. 

-The grippers take the bottles from the inlet star-wheel while they are still driven by the star-wheel, thus guaranteeing a safe grip.
-After the gripping, the bottle is turned upside down and cantred above a spraying nozzle which directs a stream of rinse water into the bottle. After the draining period the bottle is turned over to an upright position again.

 8 washing heads for juice.png

Filler Part of Mango Juice Filling Machine 

-The star-wheels drive the bottles always "by the neck" through the rinsing, filling and capping steps. For the various types of bottle, it is easy to adjust the structure for the operator by our specialized design.
-Product bowl is to reduce the loss of heat.
-If the temperature is low than the setting value, the filling valves will stop and return the last beverage in filling valve to recycle tank and return to UHT again to sterilize with pump.

filling heads for juice.png


Capper of Mango Juice Filling Machine 

-Rotative capping turret, suitable to the application of screw plastic caps on PET bottles
-The fixed part consists of the cap hopper, the cap feeder with relevant motor and the cam actuating the capping heads.
-The heads are raised and lowered by the action of a follower that is riding on a shaped cam. 

Pulp Juice Capper.jpg

5. Technical Data of Mango Juice Filling Machine 




2000 Bottle per hour on basis of 500ml bottle.

Rinsing & Filling & Capping heads

8pcs rinsing heads, 8pcs filling nozzles, 3pcs capping heads

Suitable PET bottle size

Bottle Diameter Φ50~Φ95mm   Bottle Highness:160~320mm,
 Bottle neck: 38mm or 28mm

Suitable to fill


Washing Water Required

100 Liters

Washing Pressure


Working Power

380V AC 50HZ  3-phase, (other power supply is available)

Control Panel Power

24V DC

Filling  Pressure


Filling Temperature

Max. 90°C

Machine Size

1900x1800x2000mm  ( L * W *H )

Gross Weight

3500kg  approximately

Total Power


6. Shipping & Delivery 

Package & Delivery .jpg


8.Reliable Workshop 


9.Reliable Customers 


10.Reliable Service 

Pre-sale service
1. Act a good adviser and assistant of clients enable them to get rich and returns on their investments.
2. Select correct and suitable equipment model
3. Design and make products according to clients' special requests

On-sale service
1. Reporting on machine situation from time to time.
2. Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery
3. Drawing workshop layout
4. Train the first-line operators  

After-sale service
1. Provide considerable services to minimize client's worries.
2. Assist clients to prepare for the first construction schedule.
3. Install and debug the equipment
4. Examine the equipment
5. Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly
6. Provide perfect service

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