Fruit Juice Packaging Machine

Hot Sale Tuenkey Project 3 in 1 Fruit Juice Bottling Beverage Filling Equipment Brief In troduction This fruit juice package machine works harmoniously with air-conveyor belt ( chain plate conveyor belt is optiona l), It holds the bottles by the neck, thus, reducing the possibility of bottles...

Product Details

1.Product Descriptions 

This fruit juice package machine works harmoniously with air-conveyor belt (chain plate conveyor belt is optional), It holds the bottles by the neck, thus, reducing the possibility of bottles falling over during conveying process.
This machine is used to fill juice beverage into pet bottle and with screw caps capping function.
This juice package machine equipment integrated three function: 

1.Rinse the empty pet bottle,

2. filling the rinsed bottles, 

3. capping the filled bottles


Rinsing Part
 -Rotative rinsing turret one treatment, fixed nozzles, with grippers.
 -The grippers take the bottles from the inlet star-wheel while they are still driven by the star-wheel, thus guaranteeing a safe grip.
 -After the gripping, the bottle is turned upside down and cantred above a spraying nozzle which directs a stream of rinse water into the bottle. After the draining period the bottle is turned over to an upright position again.


Filling Part of Fruit Juice Package Machine 
 -The star-wheels drive the bottles always "by the neck" through the rinsing, filling and capping steps. For the various types of bottle, it is easy to adjust the structure for the operator by our specialized design.
 -Product bowl is to reduce the loss of heat.
 -If the temperature is low than the setting value, the filling valves will stop and return the last beverage in filling valve to recycle tank and return to UHT again to sterilize with pump.


Capping Part of Fruit Juice Package Machine 
 -Rotative capping turret, suitable to the application of screw plastic caps on PET bottles
 -The fixed part consists of the cap hopper, the cap feeder with relevant motor and the cam actuating the capping heads.
 -The heads are raised and lowered by the action of a follower that is riding on a shaped cam.



1.Fruit Juice Package Machine:Bottles are delivered by suspension type clip bottle mouth conveying structure (except bottle out star wheel), bottle in adopts air conveying device, in the bottle washing station with flexible bottleneck clamp clamping, so that machine is more stable during operation , reliable, high-speed operation to adapt to the requirements of the machine. Simply adjust the conveyor of different bottle height and a small amount of change attachment, so for bottle faster, and effort.  

2. Fruit Juice Package Machine: Dimidiate-type washing hand tongs, empty bottles with the guide rail automatically turn 180 º on to wash in and out of the bottles.

3. Filling machine uses normal pressure filling technology is filling fast, reliable, non-drip, level accuracy. The machine has no bottle no filling characteristics.

4. The fruit juice package machine filling opeation uses magnetic torque cover, to achieve grasping cover, screw caps, screw cap stepless torque, constant torque of the screw cap, without damage cover, seal tight and reliable.

5. Fruit Juice Package Machine:Cap arranging device ensure the cover arrange speed, no damage to the cover surface. Comprehensive testing device can guarantee no bottle no cover, lack of cover down, full cover without cover conveying of functions.  


6. The Fruit Juice Package Machine adopts advanced man-machine interface operation, PLC control, variable frequency stepless speed regulation, such as automatic control technology, so that the whole of the high degree of automation, more reliable performance, production capacity can be adjusted continuously.

3.Technical Data 

Number of heads:  18 Rinsing heads,18 Filling heads,6 Capping heads

Applicable bottle size:  PET bottle  

Diameter:       50-110 mm

Bottle height:   150~340mm         

Rated Capacity:  6000BPH @ 500ML

Cap Style Plastic Screw Cap 28mm or 30mm Neck for PET Bottles

Volume:  0.3~2.0L

Timing  Type:   Transducer

Washing Drop dryer time:  3.4sec

Filling temperature: Hot Filling

Compress air wastage:  20NM3/hour

Pressure of washing:   0.25-0.3Mpa

Pressure of filling :    0.15~0.35Mpa

Overall size: 2450*1900*2400mm

Weight: About 3500KGS

Power :3 Phases AC  380V 50Hz  or by your order



5.Shipping & Delivery

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6.Reliable FAQ 

 Q1:Are you a trading company or a manufactory?
 A1:We are a manufactory,can give u best service .

Q2:What’s your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?
 A2:We offer you high quality machines with 2 years guarantee . we will give u spare part free in 2 years.

Q3:When can I get my machine after I paid?
 A3:We will deliver the machines on time as the date we agreed both side.

Q4:How can I install my machine when it arrives?
 A4:We will send our engineer to your side as soon as you get all your machines ready , for testing and teaching your technicians how to run the machines.

Q5:How about the spare parts?
 A5:After we deal down all the things , we will offer you a spare parts list for your reference

7.Company Information & Customers

Reliable Machinery Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech designing and manufacturing enterprise, which is specialized in beverage production and packing complete lines as well as various water treatment machines. We are one of the earliest companies engaged in manufacturing liquid filling and packing equipment in China. Reliable Machinery is dedicated to providing competitive comprehensive solutions and services for liquid (beverage) factory and creating maximum value for customers.



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