Fully Automatic Carbonated Soda Drink Filling Machine Washing Filling Capping 3 in 1 for Small Scale Plant

Fully Automatic Carbonated Soda Drink Filling Machine Washing Filling Capping 3 in 1 for Small Scale Plant
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Product Details

Production Introduction of the Fully Automatic Carbonated Soda Drink Filling Machine

Breif Introduction :

Introduction of soft drink filling machine
The Carbonated Beverage filling machine combines washing, filling and rotary capping functions in one unit, is a fully automatic and high efficieney liquid packing equipment.
a. Certificate: CE ISO SGS
b. This equipment is used for filling carbonated beverage in plastic bottle , such as beer, cola, energy drinks ,soda water, or other carbonated drinks 
c. This equipment can be used for different material of bottle, such as PET, PE and the different size of bottle is allowed. We can design the equipment according to customer bottles.
d. It is applied for pressure filler and capper of carbonated drinks, such as soda and other carbonated drink industry.
e. Filling and sealing is the overall designed, to ensure the filling and capping are running synchronously .
f. It has the characteristics of filling reposefully, high speed, liquid level control, capping reliably, frequency conversion timing, less material loss.


Production Parameter of the Fully Automatic Carbonated Soda Drink Filling Machine

Technology datas of soft drink filling machine
Number of heads: 8 Rinser,8 Filler,3 Capper
Applicable bottle size:  PET bottle 
Rated Capacity: 1500BPH@500ML
Cap Style:Plastic Screw Cap 28mm or 30mm Neck for PET Small Bottles or glass bottles with crown / aluminum cap
Timing  Type:   Transducer
Filling temperature: lower temperature
Overall size: 2000*1600*2400mm
Weight: About 2T
Power : 380V 50Hz or by your order
Control : PLC control touch screen ,  SIEMENS Germany  


The other model technology datas of soft drink filling machine


Model CGFD12-12-6CGFD18-18-6CGFD24-24-8
Number of rinsing head121824
Number of filling head121824
Number of capping head668
Rated production capacity3000BPH5000BPH8000BPH
Installed capacity3.544.8
Overall size2450×1800×24002650×1900×24002950×2100×2400

Number of rinsing head324050
Number of filling head324050
Number of capping head101215
Rated production capacity12000BPH15000BPH18000BPH
Installed capacity7.68.39.6
Overall size4100×2400×24004550×2650×24005450×3210×2400

Production Feature of the Fully Automatic Carbonated Soda Drink Filling Machine


1.Automatic Soda Water Bottle Filling Machine  adopt Rinsing/Filling/Capping 3-in-1

technology, PLC control, Touch Screen, it is mainly made of SUS304 or SUS316.

2.It is also used for filling kinds of non-carbonated water, such as still water,mineral water,

drinking water,flavored water,spring water.

3.Its usual prodcution capacity is in 1500-18000bph, 0.2 - 2L PET bottle is available.
4.Pivotal electrical part use Mitsubishi, OMRON, SIEMENS.
5.Filling accuracy is more or less than 1%

6. We can provide bottle blowing machine,bottle filling machine,labeling machine,

wrapping packing machine etc complete plant solution for PET bottle.

Production Detail of the Fully Automatic Carbonated Soda Drink Filling Machine

Working Process of soft drink filling machine 

I.   Into the bottle device

1).The air conveyor is connected with into the bottle star-wheel.

2). It has bottle locked protection device.

II.  Washing Part

1). The rotary disk is fully made of SUS304 stainless steel. 

2). Using company original tilting bottle clip, bottle clamp stuck bottleneck, avoid the traditional bottle on rubber clip to block the bottle thread parts may be caused by the pollution. Bottle clip is made of SUS304 stainless steel, health and durable.

3). Washing part moves by a frame in the transmission system through the gear transmission.

含气8-8-3 2.jpg

III. Star-wheel 

1). It adopts the good stainless steel star-wheel.

2). It has bottle locked protection device.

IV. Filling machine 

1). The washing bottle, filling, sealing are connecting with the thumbwheel card bottleneck transportation methods.

2). The rotating disk is all made of SUS304 stainless.

3). Filling method is pressure filling.

4). Filling valve manufactured by SUS304.

5). The filling valve structure design is reasonable, the filling quantity is accurate.

6). Filling machine motivation by the rack drive system through gear transmission.

含气8-8-3 3.jpg

V. Capping machine

 The capping machine is the highest precision in 3-in-1 unit machine, on the reliability of equipment operation, has enormous influence on the defective rate of the product.

含气8-8-3 4.jpg

VI. Out bottle star-wheel 

1). It uses nylon thumbwheel conveyor chain.

2). It has bottle locked protection device.

VII. Electric control system 

The electric control cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel rack. It is equipped with maintenance lights, PLC automatically control the filling process from bottle come in to come out of filling machine

Production Deliver of the Fully Automatic Carbonated Soda Drink Filling Machine

Delivery & Packing
Delivery Time: 30-45 days after get your deposit.
Coming Document:
1) Machine Quality Guarantee
2) Complete set install & maintain instruction Book in English language
3) Complete Document for customer to clear its custom

Packaging Details

The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.


Production Service and Certification of the Fully Automatic Carbonated Soda Drink Filling Machine