Soda Bottling Carbonated Drinks Production Process Plant

Soda Bottling Carbonated Drinks Production Process Plant for Whole Equipment Soda Bottling Equipment Soda Machine Manufacturer Carbonated Drinks Production Process Soda Bottling Process Soda Bottling Plant Product Introduction: RELIABLE CGFD series Soda bottling Equipments are specially designed...

Product Details

Soda Bottling Carbonated Drinks Production Process Plant for Whole Equipment


RELIABLE CGFD series Soda bottling Equipments are specially designed to fill carbonated drink such as soda water, cola, & energy drink etc in any shape 200ml to 2250ml PET bottles or glass bottle with screw caps, pressure caps or crown capping. Monobloc rinser filler capper design. 

Reliable Machinery - Soda Bottling Equipment

Product Feature And Application

1. Use the wind to send incoming and moving wheels directly to the bottle technology; cancel the screw and conveyor chain, which makes the bottle-shaped replacement easier.

2. Bottle adopts bottleneck transmission technology, bottle-shaped transformer does not need to adjust the level of equipment, simply replace the relevant curved plate, wheels and nylon parts is sufficient.

3. Specially designed stainless steel bottle clip, durable, not with the bottle screw position contact, to avoid secondary pollution. 

4. Cylinder-driven valve movement is accurate and reliable. High-throughput, high-precision beverage filling valve, filling fast and accurate. Equipped with CIP circuit and control program, the device is easy to clean.

5. Spiral down the output bottle, deformed bottle shape without adjusting the height of the conveyor chain.

Reliable Machinery - Soda Bottling Equipment

No Bottle , No Washing 

Reliable Machinery - Soda Bottling Equipment rinsing part

No Bottle , No Filling 

Reliable Machinery - Soda Bottling Equipment Filling Parts

No Bottle , No Capping 

Reliable Machinery - Soda Bottling Equipment Capping part

Deliver,Shipping And Serving of Soda Bottling Equipment

1) The sample service

1. We can send you the video of the running machine.

2. Welcome to visit our company to see our factory running the machine, we can from our city near the station, in Shanghai or Wuxi to pick you up.

3. If we get the customer's permission, who brings the machine from us, we can tell you their contact information, you can go directly to their factory.

2) Customized service 

1. We can design the machine according to your requirements (material, power, filling type, bottle type, etc.), and we will give you our professional advice. As you know, we have been in this industry for many years.

2. When you start this project, we can provide some professional advice, such as drawing factory layout and analysis of the source for your water report.

3) After-sales service

1. We will provide a list of goods in time to ensure that you can quickly access the machine.

2. When you are ready, our engineers will install the machine into your factory and give you manuals and train your staff until they can operate the machine.

3. We sincerely give feedback to the customer, and use in the production line after a period of time to provide a lot of help.

4. We provide free one-year free spare parts warranty.

Reliable Machinery Services

Shipping & Packing of Soda Bottling Equipment

Packaging details

Standard export packing, major products using export plywood case packing, small products use thick carton packing, ensure that the product packaging integrity and safety;

Shipping methods

1. Shipping by sea(recommend big product or a lot of goods of the order)

2. By air

3. By express: TNT, EMS, DHL, Fedex, UPS etc

Reliable Machinery Delivery

Technical Data:

Number of heads:12 Rinsing heads,12 Filling heads,6Capping heads

Applicable bottle size:PET bottle  

Diameter:50-110 mm

Bottle height:150~340mm

Rated Capacity  2500BPH

Cap Style Plastic Screw Cap 28mm or 30mm Neck for PET Small Bottles


Timing  Type:Transducer

Washing Drop dryer time:3.4sec

Filling temperature: below 25 degree

Compress air wastage:20NM3/hour

Pressure of washing:0.25-0.3Mpa

Pressure of filling :0.15~0.35Mpa

Overall size: 2450*1900*2400mm

Weight: About 3500KGS

Power :3 Phases AC  380V 50Hz  or by your order