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Product Details

Product Introduction of date code flying laser marking machine

Production line date code flying laser marking machine for PET bottle is a special type of equipment, small size, applied to the production line of the production line. According to customer's different needs matching fiber, semiconductor, CO2, YAG and other models and automatic assembly line work bench to meet customer requirements of flight standards system, to achieve assembly line operations to improve production efficiency. Compared with the traditional ink printing, has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient without supplies, non-toxic, no pollution etc..

KBF Laser Printers VS Ink-jet Printers
KBF Laser Printers: KBF Laser coding solution is use high energy density aggregation in carved the underlying surface, within a very short period of time make the surface of biomass gasification by controlling the effective displacement of the laser beam, precisely burning and carving out exquisite patterns or characters. Reduce production costs, no supplies, high efficiency; safety that ensure that the product can be traced back. Enhance the additional value and brand effect. Performance is more stable, work continuously for 24 hours and the maintenance time of the laser is more than 70000 hours. Environmentally friendly non-toxic and no noise pollution.
Ink-jet Printers: The most popular now use for marking on the food and medical is ink printing also with some problems such as large number of special ink consumption, high cost; ink jet printer often appear ink clogging nozzle, professional maintenance staff maintenance of long; style of the products is single, tagging effect to change the erase and the impact of product credibility.

Images and Parameters of date code flying laser marking machine

Industry Application:

Production line date code flying laser marking machine for PET bottle suitable for a variety of non-metallic materials, mainly used in electronic, medicine,Tobacco,leather,food packaging, cigarette printing, bottle of mineral water,cosmetics,wire,cable, and other industries.

Product Application:

Due to worked with automatic feeding equipment, production line date code flying laser marking machine for PET bottle is used for mass production, continuous production, high production efficiency. Our software can automatically generate serial number(bar code) so that can trace the product hit. Convenient installation production line and improve production efficiency.