Inkjet Batch Coding Machine

High Quality Small Expiry Date Inkjet Btach Coding Printer Ink for Sale 1, Cleaning and Starting Printing Press F1 to start printing, the printer will automatically perform as follows so as to prevent unstable ink line while ejecting from nozzle: Cleaning nozzle; Discharge air from nozzle; Turn...

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High Quality Small Expiry Date Inkjet Btach Coding Printer Ink for Sale

1,Cleaning and Starting Printing
 Press F1 to start printing, the printer will automatically perform as follows so as to prevent unstable ink line while ejecting from nozzle:

  1. Cleaning nozzle;

  2. Discharge air from nozzle;

  3. Turn on ink line,start printing.

2,Stop Printing and Cleaning
 Press F1 to stop printing, the printer will automatically perform as follows so as to prevent ink from staying inside the nozzle which may cause nozzle clogging:
 1.Stop ink jetting,clean and empty the nozzle;;
 2. Stop printing.

3,Adding Ports
 It is able to distinguish adding port according to its position (ink on the left, and solvent on the right).

4,Display Panel
 LCD resolution is 240 x 128 pixels. The backlight provides convenience for operation in a dark environment and automatically turns off 10min later to reduce energy consumption.
 5,Function Keys
 Inkjet printer is equipped with 4 basic function keys on the left side of LCD screen with following control functions:
 F1Switch on/off the printer;
 F2Select Printing Message;
 F3Modify Message parameter;
 F4 Edit current Message.

6,Arrow Keys
 Arrow keys (△▽◁ ▷) on the right side of LCD screen allow selecting orders in the pull-down menu of operating system.
7,System Status Indicating Lamp LED
 LED on the right upper corner of display indicates status as follows:

     Color of Indicating Lamp

System Status


Fails to print, for instance, printing is not operated, high voltage leakage.


Remind users of something, for instance, little ink or solvent.



8,Print Head
 The print head controls ink droplets and applies them onto the product to form a character. It also controls signals and inks to flow to the nozzle via a gullet.
9,Connecting Board
 Connecting board on the left side of inkjet printer case consists of:

●Main Power Switch(1)

●Main Power Fuse(2)

●Power Socket(3)

●Product Detector (normally connect to photocell)(4) 


Main Screen


Main Screen is a default one which can display settings and control printing. 

Function control can be achieved by function keys on the left side of screen.

On the right upper corner of screen displays the inkjet printer status, fault icons and product counter. The supplemental fault instructions are displayed at the bottom of screen. 

10,Inkjet Printer Parts 

Operator can, via the control panel, to complete following operations:

●One-key to start and stop printing 

●To create, edit, copy and delete printing Message 

●To select printing content

●To monitor inkjet printer status

●To set and control inkjet printer parameters 

All of above functions can be achieved via control software. Also, it is able to operate the system software of pull-down menu via display and keyboard, and some special functions allow setting password authorization to ensure the correct use of it. 


70-key Standard Keyboard

Thin film resistant to solvent corrosion is used as the surface material of the keyboard.

Major Parts

Major parts of A400 Inkjet Printer are as follows:

(1)Control Panel 

(2)Print Head

(3)Ink System 


(5)Connecting Plate

Ink and Solvent Tank

(1)Ink Bottle(2)Solvent Bottle。

Primary Filter and Pipeline System 

(1)Primary Filter 

(2)Cleaning Pump

11, Setting Message Parameter
Message parameter decides the printing mode for Message, and can be set as follows:




Font Width


Set Message width, the smallest the font width is, the fastest the printing speed, for instance, when the font width is set as 1, the printing speed is the fastest. The bigger the parameter, the wider the Message.

Font Height


The character height can be set within 1-10,the bigger the numerical value, the higher the character.

Character Pitch


The character height can be set within 0-8,the bigger the numerical value, the larger the character pitch.

Print Delay


Set product printing delay time (an interval from the time photocell had detected the product to the time printing is started).  

Reversal Printing


Adjust the left/right direction of character printing (Reverse front to back).

Bottom-up Printing


Adjust the up/down direction of character printing (Up-down reversal).

Horizontal Thickening


Set the frequency of repeat printing so as to thicken the printing contents.

Vertical Dot Matrix


Set printing dot matrix. If the number of dot matrix of font is bigger than the dot matrix of printing, the character printed will be incomplete; if the number is smaller than that of the dot matrix of printing, printing speed will be slowed down.


The sample service
 1.we can send you the video of the running machine. are always welcome to come to visit our factory, and you may see the operation of the machines here . We will make the arrangement to pick you up when you come .
 3.If we get the permission of the customer who has brought the machines from us ,we can tell you their contact information, you can go to visit their factory.
Customized service
 1.we can design the machines according your requirements(material ,power,filling type,the kinds of the bottles, and so on). the same time we will give you our professional suggestion .
After-sales service
 1.we will provide the bill of load on time to make sure you can get the machine quickly
 2.when you finish the Preparation conditions ,our engineer will go to your factory for the installation, testing and also training .
 3.we provide one year warranty with spare parts free.