China Dgital Inkjet Printer Manufacturer with Cheap Price

China Dgital Inkjet Printer Manufacturer with Cheap Price Brief Introduction K68P small character inkjet printer adopts ARM9 control core, easy to operate and use.K68 can print text, lot, date, number, image, on varies material surfaces, suitable for beverage, food, brewery, pharmaceutical,...

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China Dgital Inkjet Printer Manufacturer with Cheap Price

Brief Introduction

K68P small character inkjet printer adopts ARM9 control core, easy to operate and use.K68 can print text, lot, date, number, image, on varies material surfaces, suitable for beverage, food, brewery, pharmaceutical, chemical, construction material, cable and wire, electronics, and tobacco, and many other industries. 

One、Constructors (all pictures below may have difference from real products)

1、Cabinet Introduction. See Graph1.1.1

Graph 1.1.1 Kingly K68 Cabinet

2、Front Instruction. See Graph1.1.2

Graph1.1.2 Front Introduction

3、Back introduction. See Graph1.1.3

Graph1.1.2 Front Introduction

3、Back introduction. See Graph1.1.3

Graph1.1.3 Back Introduction

4、Print head 

Picture 1.1.4 Print head

5、Print head is a critical component of inkjet printer. Piezoelectric ceramic and the jointing point of piezoelectric ceramic and vibration pole are easy to be broken. 

Print head without nozzle see Graph1.1.5

Graph 1.1.6 Solenoid

Two、Inkjet Principium

1、Printing Principium

Summarize as electrophorus particle moves in electric field. Ink becomes ink stream by the force of pump, and flows into print head by controlling of solenoid. In print head, electric pulse generates vibration and makes ink stream into ink drop. Crystal vibrates 70000 times per second and makes 70000 ink drops per second. 

Graph1.2.1 Inkjet Principium

The vibration is fast and steady, hence it can produce continuous ink drop. Each drop has a certain distance to another, and is charged by negative electricity. The amount of negative electricity decides the angle the ink drop will deflexed. In this way, ink drops form a character. 

Ink drops with negative electricity go through defluxion board with steady positive and negative high voltage, and defluxion board forms a strong electric field to ink drops with lots of negative electricity, hence the ink drops are pushed to a place with higher positive voltage. Those ink drops with less electricity are pushed to lower position. Those ink drops without any electricity will not reflex and go into gutter, returning to ink tank for reusing. 

To print a character of 5×7 matrix, we need 5 rows vertically, and 7 dots in one row. Inkjet printer can print letters, numbers, and image, ect.

2、Character of Matrix

Each character is formed of dot matrix. See Graph1.2.2

Graph1.2.2 5×7 Matrix of Numbers

3、Printing Parameter

1. Printing Line: 1-5 lines (1-4 lines in Chinese)

2. Printing Speed: 2m/s (5×7 single line)

3. Printing Mode: Auto, Photocell, Encoder, Length Counter

4. Printing Times: Once or many times after sense once (photocell only)

5. Matrix: 4×7、5×5、5×7、7×9、6×12、8×16、9×16、12×16、11×24、16×28.

7. Chinese: 12×12、16×16、24×24.

8. Editing: Reverse, Inverse, Combine, Multiple Fonts, Bold (within 36 dots)

9. Image: Any Image within 36 dots.

10. Download BMP files on printer by RS232.

11. Capability: 100000 pieces of message

12. Length: 5000 dots per message

13. Consumption: 500ml produces 60 million dots

14. Length Counting: Mark after any length interval

15. Power Supply: AC220V±20% 50Hz 150VA

16. Umbilical Cord: 2.0m (or make to order)

16. Weight: 41kg

17. Dimension: 330*260*580mm


Open the package, take out machine and check if there is any damage to it during transportation.

Compare to the packing list, check if the spare parts are complete.

Four 、Installation of Stand

Graph 2.2.1 Spare Parts Box

Graph 2.2.2 Installation of Print head Stand

Graph 2.2.3 Installation of Printer Stand

See above illustration to install the stands of print head and printer.

Five、Installation and Testing

1、Fix the printer onto the printer stand, connect photocell and encoder, and fix the print head. Check installation is finished, connect power supply. Connecters are shown in Graph 2.3.1

Graph 2.3.1 Connecters on Cabinet

The sample service
 1.we can send you the video of the running machine. are always welcome to come to visit our factory, and you may see the operation of the machines here . We will make the arrangement to pick you up when you come .
 3.If we get the permission of the customer who has brought the machines from us ,we can tell you their contact information, you can go to visit their factory.
Customized service
 1.we can design the machines according your requirements(material ,power,filling type,the kinds of the bottles, and so on). the same time we will give you our professional suggestion .
After-sales service
 1.we will provide the bill of load on time to make sure you can get the machine quickly
 2.when you finish the Preparation conditions ,our engineer will go to your factory for the installation, testing and also training .
 3.we provide one year warranty with spare parts free.

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